Mail App. - Mac.

1. Start the Program
Locate the Mail program either from your dock menu or from the Applications folder in the Finder. When you start "Mai"l it will open a Welcome configuration screen if the program is not yet configured. You can enter the following information into this Welcome screen:
Full Name: (Your First and Last Name);
Email Address: (your email address);
Incoming Mail Server: for both IMAP or POP;
Account Type: POP or IMAP ;
User Name: (the username you have chosen for the mail account);
Password: (the password you have chosen for the mail account);
Outgoing Mail Server: ;
Select the OK button to continue to open the Mail program.

2. Open Mail Preferences

Before attempting to "Get Mail" you need to make additional changes to the account. You can access the Preferences window by choosing "Preferences" from under the Mail menu.<

3. Setting Account Preferences
At the top of the Preferences window, choose the "Accounts" icon or tab. This will display your accounts that are configured for use with the Mail application. You should now be able to see the account that you originally configured in step 1, and selecting this account should display the same information that you entered back in step 1.

4. Within the "Accounts Preferences" window, choose the "Advanced" tab toward the top, along the right side of the screen. Do not check the Use SSL option, check the box *Use authentication when sending mail and confirm that the Authentication is set to "MD5 Challenge-Response". Set the outgoing SMTP Port to 26.

5. The setup is complete. Proceed to checking your newly created mailbox.

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