Money Back Guarantee




All Linux Shared Hosting accounts are refundable any time. If you are dissatisfied with your service for any reason, you will receive a prorated refund. All Linux Reseller Hosting accounts have a strict 30 Days money back guarantee.


*Our refund policy does not apply to any additional items or services. Also not included are Domain Parking Services, Domain Registration, and any additional services such as overages, disk space, SSL, bandwidth, maintenance fees. Downgrades: Difference is credited to your account only.


Any request for cancellation must be received via Support Desk Ticket or through your members control panel and you will receive a confirmation upon the cancellation of your account.


Cancellations over the telephone and informal email are not accepted.


Accounts cancelled/terminated by FDW for violating our Terms of Service do not qualify for the 30-day money back guarantee. For example, if your account is cancelled due to spamming, you will not be given any refund. To receive a refund, contact our customer service department. Please note that refunds will be made within 20 business days from cancellation date.


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