What is web hosting?

What is web hosting?

Upon seeing this question you may say what an odd question and everyone knows what the web is.  Yes most people, not everyone, but most do know what the web is but not everyone can understand what web hosting actually represents or is.

Saying that it is a place or server that holds your files and pages so that other people can see them on the internet is not always the right answer.

A more physical explanation may help.

Try to imagine the web host as the building where you will have your internet company.  Here in this building, just as in a physical company/business/store you rent space for your products and all the equipment to make your business grow.  This building is the server, now you do need an address or at the very least a street name for your business.  That's what your url is.  A physical address for your web site so that it can be found on the map (search) of the net.

You may ask yourself if you can do this through your own computer at home or in the office.  Yes it is possible but not very practical or economical.

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