The Database(s)

The Database(s)

Only some websites have a database, so if your website doesn't then skip over to Step 3.

There are three steps to moving a database to another web host, and you'll need to do these steps for each database you have.
  1. Export the database to an SQL text file from your old host.
  2. Import the SQL text file into your new host.
  3. Update your website files/scripts with the details of your new database if needed.
The first two steps in moving your database will differ greatly depending on the type of database you have. The most commonly used database system is MySQL, and most web hosts use MySQL along with a web-tool called phpMyAdmin, which is a web interface that you can use to export and import databases.

Exporting with phpMyAdmin
Importing with phpMyAdmin
Your website and/or scripts will need to updated to use the new name for the database, as well as username/password to access it, and may also need to know the new host name of the MySQL server and it's port. These are all details you should be able to find in your new hosts control panel, or ask their Technical Support if your not sure.

Onto the e-mail(s)...Step 3 »

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