The Domain/DNS

Finally we come to the domain names and DNS settings.

If you are transferring your domain name registration to your new web host, it will just be a matter of following their domain transfer process. Once the process is completed the DNS records for your domain name should be set to your new web host, and if not you can do that easily enough.

If you are leaving your domain name with it's current registrar, then you'll need to update your registration details for the domain so that the domain points to your new web host. You'll need to find out what domain name servers (DNS) your new web host requires you to use, then login to your domain registra control panel, and change the DNS servers to that of your new web host.

It's important to note that DNS changes and transfers can take a couple days and so during this period users may be accessing your site on the old host, or on the new host, you can never be sure. For the same reason emails could be going to your new host or your old host, or both! So I strongly recommend getting webmail access to both your old host and new host email accounts and check both each day.

Give it 5 days and your website should definitely have it's website and email being accessed via your new web host.

CONGRATULATIONS, you've switched web hosting providers. If you found this helpful or would like to leave some feedback, please go to our Contact  page and leave us a message.

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