FTP: upload and manage your content

Popular FTP clients:

  • WS_FTP Pro from IPSWITCH (online tutorial)
  • Cute FTP from GlobalSCAPE

    Instructions (WS_FTP Pro)

    1. Please download then install WS_FTP Pro
    2. Launch WS_FTP Pro
    3. Click "Create Site"
    4. Enter name of your site, for example "my business"
    5. Enter "Host name (server name) of IP address". You may enter your domain name (for example, "domain.com") after DNS propagation.
    6. User ID (username) and your password
    7. Click "Save Password"
    8. Click "Finish"

    Uploading content

    1. Launch WS_FTP Pro
    2. Click on your web site name (see step 4 above)
    3. Click "Connect"
    4. In the main window you will see folders:


    5. Double click on "public_html". This is your main (root) directory. Please upload all content into public_html folder.

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