500 errors or "Unable to include potential exe" If you use Server Side Includes, you may receive 500 error or "[Thu Jul 30 00:04:46 2009]... Optimizing Your Site for Search Engines Optimizing your site insures that search engines and directories most efficiently and accurately... 503 valid RCPT command must precede DATA 1. Pop before smtp - check your email for new mail before trying to send email. This adds your... 550 The recipient cannot be verified   Eventually, you may recieve following error: 550-"The recipient cannot be verified.... Basic Cron Commands   Crontab allows you to run commands at any time you specify. Crontab located within user... Catch-all email (catch-all alias) We removed catch-all accounts on all shared servers to prevent further spam attacks / disk... Clearing Your DNS Cache Clearing Your DNS Cache When you visit a website in your browser, your computer will store... Creating a backup of your account Although we do a backup of our servers, it is in your own best interest and responsibility to do... Data Transfer Data transfer can be defined as the total amount of data (in bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, etc.)... Databases, SQL and MySQL A database consists of data that is structured in a certain order or according to a set of... Do you require annual contracts? We do not lock you into any contract nor do we lock you into a specific billing cycle. You can... Error: Warning: ini_set has been disabled for security reasons   If you received "Warning: ini_set() has been disabled for security reasons" during script... FTP: upload and manage your content Popular FTP clients: WS_FTP Pro from IPSWITCH (online tutorial) Cute FTP from GlobalSCAPE... File permissions in Unix-based operating systems Just like in Windows, in Unix-based systems each file has it's own permissions. They are used to... Godaddy- Pointing domain to our hosting If your domain is registered at Godaddy, please do the following to point to our hosting: To... How do I register or change my Name Servers? The process of setting up a name server requires that you contact the specific registrar where... How do I test my Web Site before moving the domain name to my new server? Once your have your web site configured on your new server (or hosting account), you should test... How long does it take to set up a Dedicated IP? We usually assign plain dedicated IP within 1 hour. How long does it take to set up class c IP? It takes 12-24 hours to assign different class C IPs (especially if you request many). How to build a website If you are new to website building and web design, there are different tools that we can offer... How to check whether FTP port 21 is blocked? The default TCP port for FTP connection is port 21. Sometimes the local Internet Service Provider... How to choose a hosting package? There are many variables in choosing a hosting package.  Too many people think that bigger... How to perform ping checks in Windows, Linux and Mac OS? Here are instructions on how to perform a ping check on different operating systems: Windows:... How to perform traceroute checks in Windows, Linux and Mac OS? Here are instructions on how to perform a traceroute check on different operating systems:... How to setup a cron job How to setup a cron job In this tutorial, we will show you a few useful examples on how to... How to transferr from one cPanel server to another How to transfer your accounts from your old host - login to cPanel - click backups- click... I can't send email (connection failure) If you receive email, but can't send it please try alternative SMTP port: 2525 or 2626. Many... I don't see .htaccess inside my public_html folder. Please login via regular FTP (for example, CuteFTP Pro or CuteFTP Pro). It should be inside... I made changes inside my .htaccess and now my scripts don't work properly! .htaccess file contains custom apache configurations. You should be extra careful prior any... I receive "Warning: include() function.include" If you're experiencing issues with php function include (warnings in php / html code), please... Monitor DNS changes. Monitor DNS changes. During the time of transition,  it's important to monitor the progress of... Obtaining hosting Web hosting is often provided as part of a general Internet access plan; there are many free and... Path to perl Please use /usr/bin/perl Port Scanning - what is going on? What happens: Firewall simply counts iptables kernel block messages for any given IP address. As... Resource Saving Tips - for shared accounts Resource Saving Tips This tutorial is focused mainly at cPanel users but is for everybody who... Submitting Your Site to Search Engines Search Engines It usually takes 4-6 weeks to get listed after you've submitted your site to free... Switching Web Hosting Providers While the title is a bit wordy, moving your website, email and domains from one web host to... The Database(s) The Database(s) Only some websites have a database, so if your website doesn't then skip over to... The Domain/DNS Finally we come to the domain names and DNS settings. If you are transferring your domain name... The Email   If you don't have E-Mail accounts setup with your web host, go to Step 4. There are two... The Website A website is usually made up of one or two things: Files (.htm, .html, .jpg, .gif, .php, etc)... Types of hosting Internet hosting services can run Web servers; see Internet hosting services. Hosting services... Unlimited vs Unmetered The term unlimited lately has been overused by the hosting industry in our honest belief. ... What is Cache? Cache refers to copies of previously accessed Web pages and associated files are stored on a... What is SSI and how to activate it What is SSI and how to activate it SSI (Server Side Includes) are directives that are placed... What is Shared Hosting? A shared web hosting service or virtual hosting service or derive host refers to a web hosting... What is class C IP? An IP consist of 4 parts: AAA.BBB.CCC.DDD. So any IP under the last part will be in the same... What is crontab The Cron Daemon runs on Unix based Operating Systems and, in essence, is closely similar to the... What is web hosting service? A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and... What is web hosting? What is web hosting? Upon seeing this question you may say what an odd question and everyone... Where do I find .htaccess file? Inside public_html folder. You need to login via FTP or cPanel > File manager (make sure you... Which files can be executed with crontab Which files can be executed with crontab There are no specific file types that can or cannot be... wget" errors   I am receiving "/usr/bin/wget: Permission denied" error. What should I do? We had to...
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